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Much Ado About…A Lot of Things, Actually

The UNSW Library has recently been in the news due to a policy that disposes of books and other such bibliographic paraphernalia if they have not been borrowed within a given period of time. The Sydney Morning Herald published an article strongly critical of the Library’s actions: Books get the shove as university students prefer to do research … Continue reading

Like two dots on a page

One of my Sociology and Anthropology lecturers, trying to explain connections, drew two dots on a piece of paper. To one way of thinking these would appear to be separate and distinct. But, he argued, they were in fact deeply and inherently connected – materially, because they were both on the same page, and conceptually, because … Continue reading

Das ist mein hamburger! The social aspect of publishing

‘Das ist mein hamburger!’ The German phrase ‘Das ist mein hamburger’ – literally, ‘that is my hamburger’ has become something of a pop culture phenomenon amongst Sydney’s high school students (and on a side note, appears also to have pervaded the consciousness of Tasmanian student culture, even getting mentioned on a novelty online compendium of … Continue reading

The End of the Book?

The Publishing landscape today, one could argue, is already largely digitised – videos, including television shows and movies are by their very essence digital, most newspapers now have online counterparts, and even galleries and museums often have virtual tours and exhibits. Nonetheless, the quintessential ‘liveness’ of many forms are still separately maintained; there is no … Continue reading

Kill Your Darlings

There’s this wonderful independent publication called Kill Your Darlings which I am somewhat in love with, and they recently had a blog post that I think really relates to our course. “Connor O’Brien is the author of Quiet City, an illustrated collection of short stories available in hard copy for $12 or electronically for free – … Continue reading

Thoughts on the readings

Texts, these days, seem to be utterly ubiquitous. Wherever we go we are bombarded with words and pictures and graphics, a broad miasma of at times conflicting ideas that we must wade amongst and sift through for meaning. As such it becomes really easy to take publishing methods for granted, and yet it’s rather mind … Continue reading

I really do!

I’m in my 3rd year of uni now, and I keep getting asked what I want to do with my degree, or with life. Honestly, when I chose my course I didn’t know what I wanted to do – I chose things that interested me, just for the sake of interest. I always do. I … Continue reading