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Oh my!

A male friend of mine recently showed me this photo, and told me that this is why he smokes. I thought that was interesting. We’re bombarded with warnings about the danger of cigarettes all through our school years, the government keeps introducing further anti-smoking campaigns and yet here is a highly educated, politically aware, generally … Continue reading


Scribbles: some thoughts on visualisation (click to enlarge) Cinemagraphs:

Power to the people? Not quite

AUDIO: Audio Download NP: WordPress won’t allow this file to be embedded due to security reasons so the link is a download instead of a playback Transcript of audio recording: Power, according to Wikipedia, is a measure of an entity’s ability to control it’s environment, including the behaviour of other entities. Wikileaks does not give … Continue reading

The New Age

We are, ostensibly, in the age of the internet. So what does this mean for us, as individuals and as a society? This is a question that has been oft debated, and the rise of the internet has often been discussed in conjunction with decentralization, the empowerment of minorities, the widening of culture and other … Continue reading