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This Week’s Response In A Twitter Feed

http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70701033088753664 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70700257335443456 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70700106495688704 Distribution < Consumption — Desiree Conceicao (@spudiscool) May 18, 2011 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70699724470104064 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70709893539168256 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70699587505098752 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70699509059043328 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70699422723485696 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70699230108467200 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70699094015877122 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70698968350330880 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70698839933321216 http://twitter.com/#!/spudiscool/status/70710709255815168 Wow that took a while to make work! Advertisements

Visualising Stereotypes

http://arts2090visualisation.tumblr.com/We used a tumblr blog for our visualisation presentation Speech: Facebook page, shirt, engineering joke As arts students, you’ve probably all been accused at some time or the other of doing a gambler’s degree or told you’re not going to get a real job. We all know that stereotype. And you probably tease your friends … Continue reading

So, on the subject of climate change…

Lyrics: yo….we’re climate scientists.. and there’s no denying this Climate Change Is REEEEALL.. Who’s a climate scientist.. I’m a climate scientist.. Not a cleo finalist No a climate scientist Droppin facts all over this wax While bitches be crying about a carbon tax Climate change is caused by people Earth Unlike Alien Has no sequel … Continue reading